The vision of Køge Kyst

  • Trappe Drone
The vision for Køge Kyst is to create a unique, attractive and sustainable urban area, which will enhance the role of Køge as a significant growth area in the Greater Copenhagen area, on Zealand and in the Øresund region.

Køge Kyst focuses on six vision points for the development of the new town district of Køge:

  • Culture - Cultural activities and initiatives are the main driving force behind the urban development. Søndre Havn is the primary site in which Køge Kyst tests new urban spaces and activities in close collaboration with local organisations, companies and individuals.
  • Retail - A brand new shopping area will be developed in the centrally located Station Area. The new area will strengthen Køge as an attractive commercial centre in the region.
  • Infrastructure – New infrastructural facilities between the areas will ensure better and safer connections - and benefit the town as a whole.
  • Creativity and quality – Urban renewal, architecture and constructions in the new area are distinguished by innovation, creativity and high quality. This is ensured through carefully conducted quality programs and close collaboration with all investors. Køge's unique history and location will also be considered in the design and – subsequently - construction of new buildings.
  • Citizen involvement - Local citizens, retailers, the business community, the cultural community and other stakeholders will be invited to participate in the dialogue about the urban development and renewal plans.
  • Sustainability - in the broadest sense of the word - constitutes an overriding principle for the urban development and renewal. Aspects of sustainability are continuously included in the planning of and the actual implementation of the final solutions.