Køge Kyst

Køge Kyst is a major and ambitious urban development project with a strong focus on culture, infrastructure, residential areas, commerce and sustainability.
Dronefoto af Søndre Havn - juni 2019

Invest in Køge Kyst

Køge Kyst is developing the harbour and industrial area between Køge town centre and the sea as a unique, attractive and sustainable urban district.

As an investor you can be part of a very ambitious urban development project and of the growth of Køge.


DSF8135 Lowres

The Urban Development

Køge Kyst transforms a former industrial harbour area into a new exciting, multifunctional and sustainable town district.

Read about the project, the vision, the development plan and the partnership behind.


Sekretariatet Ved Bordet

The Organisation

Køge Kyst is organized as a partnership between The Municipality of Køge and Realdania By & Byg.

Køge Kyst is developed by the development company “Køge Kyst P/S”.