Køge Kyst

Køge Kyst is a major and ambitious urban development project with a strong focus on culture, infrastructure, residential areas, commerce and sustainability.
Dronefoto af Søndre Havn - juni 2019

Invest in Køge Kyst

Køge Kyst is developing the harbour and industrial area between Køge town centre and the sea as a unique, attractive and sustainable urban district.

As an investor you can be part of a very ambitious urban development project and of the growth of Køge.


DSF8135 Lowres

The Urban Development

Køge Kyst transforms a former industrial harbour area into a new exciting, multifunctional and sustainable town district.

Read about the project, the vision, the development plan and the partnership behind.


Luftfoto af Køge Kyst

The Organisation

Køge Kyst is organized as a partnership between The Municipality of Køge and Realdania By & Byg.

Køge Kyst is developed by the development company “Køge Kyst P/S”.