Invest in Køge Kyst

Køge enjoys a unique geographical position in Denmark: 1) Motorways to the south, west and north towards Copenhagen, 2) Køge Harbour is one of the oldest in Denmark and it is currently expanding, and 3) Køge also has a large transport centre and the town nestles in the perfect location between the Oresund Bridge and the planned tunnel across Femern Belt.

The location of the urban development area - close to the station with access to the future high-speed railway to Copenhagen via Køge - will hopefully be an incentive for citizens to use public transportation.

Invest in Køge Kyst and be part of:

  • Growth in Køge, which is strengthened by a new university hospital and a new high-speed railway to Copenhagen via Køge
  • An urban area close to the station with considerable potential to attract jobs and residents, not least from the Greater Copenhagen area as the new high-speed rail link will cut travel times considerably
  • An ambitious urban development project, with a development plan  which is the result of a high-level international competition
  • A project in which the municipality, as joint owner, has a long-term and active interest in supporting development of the neighborhood
  • A historical commercial town , where future high quality buildings will interact with the town’s existing qualities in new and exciting ways
  • A project with an immense focus on urban life, culture, sustainability and dialogue, and which has  attracted a large number of visitors even before the area has been developed

In the Station Area, TK Development is developing 34,500 m2 of retail, residences, offices, public services and a cinema, and most of the development is planned for completion in 2016-17. Individual shops will go hand in hand with an attractive urban environment and the existing retail area in the historical city centre. This will make the area an attractive alternative to traditional shopping centres.

In the Southern Harbour Area the three developers Arkitektgruppen, Calum and Casa Nord/Kuben Byg will develop the first six housing projects. Three additional building sites in this attractive area between the sea and town centre are up for sale for interested investors.


Map of the first two phases in The South Harbour Area, indicating current status in regards to sales.